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Can you afford to move?

So you are shopping for a new home to rent? Congrats! We can help you. Are you ready to move?

Create a Moving Budget

Moving expenses $_______

Packing and Storage Fees $________

Lease Cancellation Charges: If you are unable to give enough notice to a landlord, they may charge you for canceling your lease or they may withhold your initial deposit. $________

Redecorating Costs: Blinds, curtains, rugs, lamps, garbage containers, etc…), then add it up. You can either do this for each room or calculate an average cost for the entire home.$__________

Utility Deposits: You’ll need to contact the utility companies for these costs, or contact your current providers and ask what they charge. Make sure you include telephone, cable, water, electricity, heating and any other services you currently have.

If you’re renting, ask your landlord if these costs are included in the monthly rental fee. $__________

Rental Deposit Varies $_________

Damage Deposit Varies $_________

Pet Deposit Varies $__________

Add it all up… Are you ready to move?

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