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Do you have a video doorbell? YOU SHOULD! #9pmroutine

The year is 2022 and it's time for us all to do our part in the security and safety of our homes. Do you have a rental house and if yes, you MUST have renters insurance. All of your belongings are at risk of theft, wind, fire and flood if you don't have insurance you could lose it all.

What can YOU do to protect your home? See something? Say Something Emergency? call 911 or call Non emergency line for Escambia County Sheriff's Dept. (850) 436-9620. City - Pensacola Police Dept (850) 435-1900

#9PMroutine is a nightly reminder to residents to remove valuables from their vehicles, lock their vehicle doors, lock the doors to their residences, turn on all exterior lights and activate all alarms and security surveillance systems. Make sure there are no valuables visible from outside of the home. Empty mailboxes and retrieve packages from your porch.

Video door bells and video flood lights are cheaper now than ever as low as $49.00 There are lots of manufacturers and you can shop, read reviews and for very little money you can make your home safer and more secure by purchasing and installing a video doorbell and video floodlight. "but I don't want to spend money on things like that". Well how much would you spend to have video to share with law enforcement when a theft or crime should occur?

Below are some links (live at the time of this post)


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