2018, Time to do the right thing, Excuses Suck!

Folks, excuses suck. You know what they say about excuses. So stop making them. Do the right thing. What is the right thing? Well in 2018 that is certainly tough question for many. Baransy Properties LLC have been renting houses since 2001 and we have seen and heard all the excuses. We have been lied to, scammed, cheated, wronged, in every way imaginable. Why? We are the best property managers in Pensacola. We have 100% occupancy. We have people who will ONLY RENT FROM US. Why? We take the high road at every turn, so why wouldn't everything be peaches and creme. Well, there are people out these who think the world owes them something. They have no drive, no ambition and they have the

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