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2018, Time to do the right thing, Excuses Suck!

Folks, excuses suck. You know what they say about excuses. So stop making them. Do the right thing. What is the right thing? Well in 2018 that is certainly tough question for many. Baransy Properties LLC have been renting houses since 2001 and we have seen and heard all the excuses. We have been lied to, scammed, cheated, wronged, in every way imaginable. Why? We are the best property managers in Pensacola. We have 100% occupancy. We have people who will ONLY RENT FROM US. Why? We take the high road at every turn, so why wouldn't everything be peaches and creme.

Well, there are people out these who think the world owes them something. They have no drive, no ambition and they have their hands out. "Gimme Gimme", NOT Dilly Dilly. There are people who think they know everything. There are people who can not be taught anything. We have procrastinators. They don't finish what they start. We have the takers, they take advantage of people. We have the rule breakers, they don't think the rules apply to them. Then there are folks who simply don't listen. They have been given the secrets to life and success and yet they continue to live Einstein's definition of insanity. Don't know what that is? Google it! The sooner they figure out the world doesn't owe them anything the sooner they might grow up and start taking the higher road. We have seen people move out of our rental houses and leave animals, trash, food and furniture behind. We have been promised payments and never received them. We have seen people break promises, break leases, break agreements and justify it because we have more than them. Did you know if you occupy a unit 1 day in a month, you owe thats months rent EVEN IF only your things are there, you still are occupying space. We have found houses loaded with fleas and roaches and they are OK living like that and of course leave US to pay to correct the problem they created. We found a rotted chili dog in a closet of an occupied house once. (That's one of our favorites) . We frequently find chirping smoke detectors which means dead battery. People would rather listen to a chirping smoke detector and put their family in harms way than take the time to replace the battery? Here is a secret... if you call us wanting to rent a property and we hear YOUR chirping smoke detector in the background, you are not even considered. We have been promised "no pets" only to find not one but multiple dogs and cats. We have a no trampoline policy and what do we find, a tramp. A tree limb fell from one of our rentals onto a house roof next door during a storm (an act of God) where the house needed a roof, was leaking already, tarped and they didn't have homeowners insurance and they found a low life ambulance chasing attorney to take the case. THEY LOST. "What do you call 1000 attorneys chained together at the bottom of the sea? A good start" What movie was that from? We have had leases broken. We have people on the section 8 HUD program abusing the program while there is a waiting list of good folks needing help. We have had HUD tenants trash our house, we evict them and HUD awards them a new voucher to go trash another persons house. BTW, this is why there is a shortage of HUD houses because landlords are not going to permit abuse twice. We have had people move out in the middle of the night like creeps and thieves. We love it when a neighbor calls us and of course we head over to catch them in the act. The list goes on and on, so you get the picture.

We are essentially the collective sum of our thoughts, choices, and actions. This is good news because this means we are fully responsible for who we become. This is also bad news for those of you who are stuck in life and want to blame someone else for it.

God gave us all Free Will. We get to choose our path, but we must own it and we will all be judged by our choices, they way we treat one another, our actions, NOT our intentions.

At Baransy Properties, we are looking for tenants who do their very best to do the right thing. We don't do a credit check. We look at character, morals, values and lifes report card. We look at your rental history and verify the choices you have made while renting a home. When people do what they say what they are going to do and live with some honor, everything will be ok. Will 2018 be the year of taking the high road? Stop making excuses and do the right thing for you?

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