Add thousands of dollars to your home for very little money.

How to add value to your home for not much cash? Based on recent data from Zillow, homes with black or dark grey painted front doors sold for over $6000.00 more than all others. Also house interior walls painted light taupe sold for more than white. Baransy Properties is based in Pensacola Florida and has been adding value to Escambia County Florida since 1991. We buy neglected and distressed homes and breath new life into them to rent or sell. Be sure to follow us on Facebook at Baransy Properties and check out our web site at Call us at 850-968-1968

If your landlord doesn't pay the water bill, you wont have water, it can happen!

Be very careful when you choose a place or person to rent from. It may be your dream place with a garden tub where you can put candles all around BUT if there is no water, it's not going to work out. Rental property manager must pay their bills or bad things will happen and the tenants will become the victims. We see folks being displaced all the time because a home owner doesn't pay the property taxes or even worse the house payments. When this happens they lose they house and the tenant is forced to move. At Baransy Properties, we do the RIGHT THING.

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