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Helpful info and site links Pensacola

Utilities Water and Trash and Recycle 850-476-0480 Special Trash pick up 850-476-0480 Gulf Power 800-225-5797 Power outage 800-487-6937 Cox Cable and Phone and Internet 850-478-0200 Bell South / ATT phone and Internet 888-757-6500 Natural Gas 850-435-1800

Repairs and Maintenance Fireman Pest Control 850-432-8359 Electricians Jake or Caleb Smith 850-968-6500

Heat and Air – Climatech Travis – 850-857-4700 Septic Tank pump 850-476-9610

Renters Insurance State Farm Renters insurance 850-475-0880 Quinn Renters Insurance 850-494-2267

Useful Links Clean and green, clean up and pick up 850-438-1178 Escambia County Web Site 850-595-4902 Escambia County Schools (Find your school)

Code Enforcement Code Enforcement 850-471-6160

Law Enforcement Escambia County Sheriff’s Office 850-256-6194 Pensacola Police Dept 850-435-1855

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