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Water Meter questions...

What is a water meter? Where is it located?

How to shut off water

What does it do? Can I drive over it?

Great questions. The water meter is in your front yard and is the main line of water coming from ECUA to your house. The water passes through the meter and counts how many gallons you have used and this establishes billing. This is also the location when you can SHUT OFF the water to you house in case of a leak of any kind. YOU CAN NOT DRIVE OVER THE WATER METER! If you drive over the meter you risk breaking the connection and flooding the front yard and causing sand to back up into the house water lines and tenants are help responsible for this. This is bad and expensive. This happened during a move recently.

You need to know where you water meter is and how to shut off the water. There is a special tool that makes that job easy to shut off the main line to the house. Did you know if you break a hose bib by pulling there is no way to shut off the water except at the water meter. Did you know if your pipe breaks during a hard freeze, there is only one way to shut off the water and it is at the meter.

So how do you find the water meter?

It will be located near the street in the County easement near the edge of your property. Sometimes it will have dirt and grass covering it and maybe bushes around it. It is important that you know where it is located.

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