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Do what you say you are going to do and your life will be easier. Buyer Beware in Pensacola Florida

We, here at Baransy Properties L.L.C. hire a lot of contractors and handymen in Pensacola FL. We ask for their flat price or hourly rate. We always have an agreement. It's the only fair and right way to do business. Having a clear understanding and agreement should avoid problems and confusion. So all should be well and easy. BUT... here comes the EXCUSES. There are a lot of folks who won't do what they say they will do. They lie, cheat and steal. They always have excuses and when they don't fulfill their end of the agreement, it is NEVER their fault. They blame us? Why? What did we do to cause them to not do the job right? What did we do to cause them to cause damages to our property and not finish? We always pay them in full even when they don't finish the job. This is called taking the high road. This enables us to walk the streets of Pensacola with our heads held high. This enables us to sleep at night.

BUT... We are getting tired of excuses. We are tired of being lied to. We are tired of work not getting finished. We are tired of people trying to make their problems, our problems. We recently hired a contractor to spray knockdown texture on the ceilings and its orange peel? I asked why and he said this looks better. We 2 handymen go M.I.A. recently and then.. no contact. They have our tools and materials and they think this kind of theft is winning? We recently had a plumber say he is all finished with the job and yet all locations where he worked LEAKED. He said the leak will stop. These kind of people are the reasons so many folks hate real estate business.They say they can't find good help. These people of course are losing at the game of life. They are certainly losing at proving professional Pensacola services. It saddens us that there is a group of people who think that a short term scam is a recipe for success. We caution homeowners to exercise extreme caution before hiring and bringing an unknown, unlicensed, uninsured "person" into your home to work.

At Baransy Properties L.L.C. , we don't make excuses. We do what we say we are going to do. Our word is worth something. We don't lie, cheat or steal. Taking this high road makes our lives easier and we wanted to share these secrets with you. We challenge Pensacola to start doing the right thing. Live by the Golden Rule and your lives will get easier. What goes around, comes around.

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