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Hire a Great Realtor... Hire Matthew Baransy

Matthew Baransy Realtor Pensacola FL

My name is Matthew Baransy. I am a real estate expert. I am also a Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent and a Realtor. I am a member of the Pensacola Association of Realtors. People tell me after I have helped them and guided them how hard it was to find a good Realtor. Well, I am flattered and humbled to be referred to as "good" but my goal is to be great. I want to exceed your expectations. I want to earn your trust through honesty, integrity and accurate information. Then you will be able to receive my guidance and direction. I want to share my success in real estate with you.

I bought my first house in Pensacola FL, with my Wife Melinda in 1991 and it was a "fixer upper". We knew that with forward thinking and hard work we would build equity into our house. Three years later we sold it and made a $50,000 profit and I knew then I was meant to work as a real estate professional. It took me 10 years to gear up and finally buy my first rental house. It too was a "fixer upper" and I did a lot of the work myself. We rented it and we were really hooked on real estate. Baransy Properties was born. Since then we have bought and sold a lot of houses and every deal I have been involved in has made money. I love real estate. As a real estate professional, I get paid to help make dreams come true. What could be better? I work in Escambia and Sant Rosa Counties in residential only. I am a Pensacola guy. I can help you get top dollar for your home, as I have the experience and knowledge to advise you on what to fix and upgrade. I have the experience to know how to price your home. When you are ready to search for your next home, 2nd home and even a rental / investment property, I am your guy.

What others have said about Matthew Baransy...

  • "I can't thank Matthew enough for the guidance and direction he gave me in selling my 30 year old home. He told me what needed to be repaired, replaced, updated, and how to best stage it. He told me if I did these things what the house will most likely bring. The house sold in just 5 days for asking price and for the highest cost per square foot in the history of the neighborhood. I couldn't believe it. People kept telling me, to "Just trust Matthew" and now I really DO!" Andy B., Pensacola FL

  • "Matthew did a thorough comparative market analysis and we discussed the best pricing strategy based on my needs. He told me I needed to do some painting and get rid of clutter. We listed for top dollar. We got immediate showings. There were some objections that we couldn't remedy, and after 2 weeks we made an adjustment to the price that got a lot more action and we sold my house." Jake S., Pensacola FL

  • "Matthew and I met to discuss my needs and goals in my investment portfolio. I knew he had a bunch of rental houses so I was all ears. Matthew helped me find my first rental house. He went out of his way to guide me on how best to refurbish it and establish the best rental amount." It rented fast and for top dollar. Scott H., Pace Florida

  • "Matthew has a warm and caring spirit. He truly cares for his clients and wants what is best for THEM. He took all the time we needed to help find and buy the perfect home for our family." Nena H., Pensacola FL

  • "Matthew KNOWS Real Estate, was very helpful to me and my family. He was thorough and detailed!" Belinda F., Pensacola FL

I, with my Wife of almost 30 years have lived in Pensacola since 1989. We met while attending college in Chesapeake VA. and after graduation we got married in VA Beach VA and moved to Pensacola. We both have college degrees. We have two beautiful Daughters and we love our Schnoodle "Zoey" #TeamBaransy spends their time enjoying Pensacola, the beach, our restaurants, our baseball, our hockey, our concerts, our festivals. We love a great movie. We love to travel and Cruise. I have been a Hockey sponsor for over 20 years as I started with Pensacola Ice Pilots, now Pensacola Ice Flyers. We own A DJ Connection which is a audio visual and entertainment company and I have provided the exciting player introductions. We are proud Christians. We believe John 3:16 We are blessed. We believe in giving back so we are quick to sponsor and give to charities, churches, fundraisers. We love A.R.C. Autism Pensacola, Pensacola Hospice, Sacred Heart, West Florida and Baptist Hospitals.

I look forward to helping make your real estate dreams come true.

Matthew Baransy Realtor with The Agency

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