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Top dollar and a quick sale for your home

Matthew Baransy, Realtor, Pensacola FL

People always ask me why my listings sell so fast and such a high cost per square foot. Well, I have a "no excuses" policy on my listings. The fewer excuses we must make the easier the sale is. Most buyers are looking for "move in ready". They of course want easy finance terms. Some need down payment assistance. They like to see neutral colors and desirable flooring. They love brand new appliances. Of course they love a good price and value.

So why has your home sat on the market so long? Is your home listed with a Realtor? If not than it is missing the exposure to get the property in front of everyone. For sale by owner houses have very limited exposure. When you list with a Realtor like me, your property will be on Zillow, Pensacola MLS,, Truila and many more web sites. My listing also receive a ton of social media advertising.

Some seller have said to me, "the pink tile in my bathroom is in perfect condition" and they are correct. PERFECT CONDITION and well maintained. BUT.... here some an excuse, not everybody wants pink tile, so there is the objection. Not everybody is willing to buy a house and remodel the bathroom. So, what if the seller, can't afford to remodel the bathroom to get ride of the excuse / objection? Call Matthew Baransy and together, we will find a way to get your home sold, fast. I am way more than just a Realtor. I own several investment properties. I renovated them all. I know what it takes to refurbish a home to a desirable level. I bought my first refurb in 1991 and my first rental property in 2001. I have the experience and track record you are looking for from a real estate professional. When I ear your trust, together we can get your home sold. Call me today for a free consultation and I will tell you a comparative market analysis and my opinion of your homes value. Call 850-712-8303

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